Manasota Key Association Annual Luncheon

DSC00142A wonderful luncheon was held in honor of the Manasota Key Association’s Annual Luncheon. Super to have our returning residents return home to fantastic weather!! For me it is a privilege to look around the room  seeing so many faces that have become like family and certainly this feeling must be shared among so many who have lived “on the Key” for many years and generations! When this is brought up throughout the season there is always the same response….there is so much unity among the residents of Manasota Key that makes living here so special! The location was the Italian restaurant La Stanza on Dearborn Street. Great food and service! A perfect choice with just enough room to be close and yet not crowded. The acoustics were excellent when the time came for a few of the new board members to deliver current news concerning our piece of paradise! This luncheon is not meant to be a business meeting so it was more of a social event. In fact this luncheon was also a new location with a new twist in the seating arrangements. We were seated at tables separate from our partners. It was very cool, though at first it made you think, why? But everyone seemed to enjoy getting to know their table buddies and were able to share their summer stories with one another. It was catchy, as a show of hands proved the majority liked the idea. Richard Hess delivered some news that you may or may not have been aware of and these are merely bullets. ( Please don’t hold me accountable I wrote these on a napkin.) 

  • The Refurbishment of the Pavilion at north end is put on hold. It appears the County is having its own trouble getting permits in order! They are just planning the bath house and reconfiguring the parking lot.
  • Zoning at south end of Key  has changed its course and will not make changes in zoning without residents approval.
  • John Geist was at a meeting in Sarasota as our meeting was taken place. He was getting as much information as he could to bring back to us about new homes and remodeling of existing homes that will be constructed forward of the CCCL. Hopefully this will be a positive meeting as it effects so many of our older homes with sales and remodeling.
  • Iquana report was basically it will be impossible to remove all of them, but definitely, we should be able to keep them under control. 
  • Chris Boone spoke about events that will be held each 3rd week of the month. Next will be a class on CPR. We should all know about CPR! It will be easier to learn if you have no already among friends.

It is a busy week on Manasota Key with returning residents settling in,  the annual Manasota Key Association Luncheon held Thursday, the Manasota Beach Club’s  Cocktail Party, Friday, and the Hermitage’s Annual Lobster Fest Saturday! The weather’s beautiful for all activites, and then there is football!! So get out there and enjoy your “life is good” on Manasota Key! Please if you would like to add to this blog any events or information please contact me at best to all!

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