While country-wide October is considered one of the best months of the year in home transactions, it has been published by experts in the field of real estate that DECEMBER, JANUARY, AND FEBRUARY are all good months to see buyers pull the trigger!

 Our local agencies report a late flurry of activity in March and April, and we do not anticipate anything different.  We remain very optimistic and enthusiastic about our local real estate market on Manasota Key through 2016.

In the Fall we reported 25 Active residences for sale.  Since it is the opportune time to list a home, we presently have on Manasota Key 30 Active residences for sale ranging from $449,000 to $5,500,000. There have been 10 sold and closed in last 180 days.  There is one pending residence.  This remains very positive, as in the not too distant past, we would have had active numbers of 42+ as an average count.
The 10 sold residences ranged between $490,000 and $3,675,000, with that number being the highest recorded in some years.

In the vacant parcel update, we have 13 Active vacant parcels ranging between $250,000 and $2,500,000. This number is higher by two parcels since last reported, as the much talked about parcels at the south end of the Key have been relisted. One vacant parcel sold and closed at $1,150,000 since the last report.

The holidays may have quieted the market for a while along with the unusual warmer weather in the northern parts of our country.  However, their warm days are coming to a close.   Inventories on our sister Keys have diminished sizably as well.  This will continue to bring activity from their real estate firms to our Beautiful Manasota Key.  Do not hesitate to call and discuss the contents of this article.

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