Manasota Whisper Keepers! InStride!! Equine Assisted Therapy!

We are all so excited about the privilege of being a part of a syndicate group that has adopted a horse named “Whisper” for this year! I can’t wait to share with you the excitement felt by a recent group of donors, who happen to be residents of Manasota Key! First you must know that  Whisper  is a beautiful horse that belongs to an outstanding organization named In-Stride; please check out  for all the details!! Check out how beautiful  Whisper isWhisper , but his beauty is within! By the way we got to name the syndicate on our visit to the facility and the winning name was “Manasota Whisper Keepers’ was picked among many entries. We are all pleased with the chosen name!

Because Whispers meets the requirements that make a sound therapy horse Whispers will be working with individuals with special needs through hippotherapy! Oh, if you are saying to yourself, “what is hippotherapy?” You belong with the group from Manasota Key that attended the InStride facility last week. We found out that hippotherapy is a highly effective physcial therapeutic strategy that provides kinesthetic stimulations, eight times that of traditional therapies! It simultaneously engages riders in physical, occupational and speech stimulations. The Manasota Key group were amazed to find out that the human pelvis’ move like those of horses. Other therapies cannot give this same simulation.

The awsome ladies who started the hippotherapy program in the summer of 1994 have had to move InStride eight times! They are now in a new state-of-he-art, debt free facility on 76 acres located at 1629 Ranch Road, Nokomis, Fl. InStride needs your support and invite you to come out and see their operation in full; but you must call ahead 941-412-9333; so someone will be available to give you a proper tour and possibly be able to observe some of the therapies in progress. Our very own Allison Geist and Janet McIntyre work as volunteers and have a lot of heart invested in this wonderful organization! Please find time to gather a group and join your Manasota Key friends in supporting InStride!Victor Smiling in Arena Pix 9.13.10 We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and felt so good about InStride we will be talking about this organizations “good deeds” for a long time!

 Mission: Partnering with our horses, we challenge individuals with special needs to reach their fullest potential!

Vision: We envision a time when everyone who could benefit will receive our hippotherapy services!


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