The Maternity Ward Has Been Active on Manasota Key

It has been an active season in 2010 for our precious Loggerhead’s! We are thrilled to know that we are ahead of last year’s nest count both on the northern and southern part of Manasota Key. Below are photo’s taken by one of most artistically talented residents on Manasota Key. She also has a great sense of humor and has added a few captions that should make you smile.

“Quick where is the  labor shore”!

neo-natal turtle wardcoming ashore to dig her nest!

Sharon's Turtle tracksEvidence of being in a hurry!

EggsA neonatal Unit along the shores of Manasota Key

Big baby heading home to gulf And “Away we go!” into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

   We have had a stellar year at the office of Nelda Thompson & Associates Inc., despite the stock market’s ups and downs and the horrific devastation of the BP Oil spill. And we thank you! The  residents and  realtors who specialize in waterfront properties of Manasota Key feel really blessed!!! The gulf is said to be resilient and I am a true believer of this, I have never seen the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico look so inviting!!  






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